The Secret Ingredient in Chicken McNuggets


McDonald’s Suppliers Torture Chickens for McNuggets

Birds used for McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets are among the most abused animals on the planet. McDonald’s suppliers breed chickens to grow so unnaturally fast they often can’t support their own bodies, causing constant, severe pain. The birds are crowded in filthy, dark barns for nearly their entire lives, forced to sit in their own waste and breathe acrid ammonia that burns their bodies and eyes. It’s time for McDonald’s to ban this sickening cruelty!

Bred for Pain

Chickens are bred to grow so fast their fragile legs often give out and the birds collapse under their own weight. Many die from heart attacks and organ failure.

Living in Darkness

Chickens are kept in near darkness almost their entire lives. They won’t even see sunlight until the day they are killed.

Sitting in Waste

Birds spend most of their lives sitting in old litter soaked with feces and urine, resulting in painful sores and respiratory problems.

Crammed Together

Chickens are packed together so tightly they can barely move. They have little room to walk around or engage in many basic natural behaviors.


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If McDonald’s customers knew the brutality behind McNuggets, they’d be horrified. We’re a nation of animal lovers—we must do better. Join me in telling McDonald’s to stop allowing blatant animal abuse.
If humans were forced to grow at the same rate as factory-farmed chickens, a six-pound newborn would weigh 660 pounds after just two months. Please tell McDonald’s to stop using chickens bred to grow so large so quickly.
Alexandra Paul
Animal abuse at factory farms is so bad that nearly 100 food companies—many of them McDonald’s competitors—are making real changes. But McDonald’s has failed to join them. Let’s hold the fast-food giant accountable. And while we're at it, it's time for a high-protein veggie burger.
Kathy Freston
In all the ways that matter, chickens are no different than the dogs and cats we love and protect. If you spend enough time with them, chickens will actually hop up in your lap and cuddle. A hen starts teaching calls to her chicks before they even hatch. McDonald’s needs to protect these poor animals from being mutilated and tortured.
Victoria Asher
Chickens are highly intelligent and social animals who feel pain just like our cats and dogs. The very least McDonald’s can do is agree to protect these birds from the worst forms of torture. So why haven't they?
Andrew Keegan
What’s in a Chicken McNugget? Unimaginable suffering. Factory farm workers were caught on camera hitting, decapitating, and beating animals—yet the greedy fast-food chain refuses to stop some of the worst forms of animal cruelty in its supply chain. It’s time for McDonald’s to join dozens of other major companies and have a heart!
Alison Eastwood
McDonald’s has been trying to keep up with the times for years. If McDonald’s doesn’t want to be left in the dust, it needs to take a stand against the worst forms of animal abuse.
Allison Scagliotti
Dozens of other restaurant chains have publicly pledged to ban chicken torture—so why is McDonald’s still failing to take meaningful action?
Rick Cosnett
Until recently, I had no idea that chickens purr when they’re happy. I also didn’t know that chickens love to sunbathe. These birds deserve better treatment. McDonald’s: Please stop allowing these poor animals to be tortured in your supply chain.
Elizabeth Ho
The chickens who end up ground into McNuggets are taken from their mothers as babies, mutilated without painkillers, crammed into dark sheds by the thousands, and slaughtered at six weeks of age after a life of abuse and fear. There’s no excuse for this cruelty—McDonald’s can and must do better.
Mark Hapka
These innocent animals shouldn’t have to live in a constant state of fear. McDonald’s: Why haven’t you publicly pledged to ban chicken torture? It’s the least you can do.
Patricia De Leon
Chickens slaughtered for “Happy Meals” spend their entire lives in crowded, filthy, windowless sheds. Workers kick, mutilate, and stab them before the birds are killed. McDonald’s, these innocent animals deserve better.
Harley Quinn Smith
Why doesn’t McDonald’s care about where its meat comes from? Its so-called Happy Meals are made from tortured chickens who are kept in miserable conditions and forced to grow so large so quickly that they cannot support their own weight. Tell McDonald’s to stop this extreme abuse.
Joanna Krupa
Chickens can use logic and reason—more importantly, chickens feel pain and fear. McDonald’s needs to stop allowing this torture now.
Elaine Hendrix
Mercy For Animals caught workers stabbing live chickens before breaking their necks, stepping on birds’ heads, and pulling chickens’ spines from their skulls, leaving the birds to slowly die in pain. This is animal abuse. McDonald’s should publicly commit to banning the worst forms of animal cruelty from its supply chain.
Nellie McKay

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